Breath of Life

Mindful magazine, October 2019

Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve had a hard time breathing. What would happen, I wondered, if I learned to do it right?

Is Your Life Designed for You?

Mindful magazine, February 2018

Waiting and hoping for a “perfect” opportunity won’t get you any closer to the life you want. According to Stanford designers Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, you already have the tools to create that life—from wherever you are right now.

Building a City that Lives on Love

Mindful magazine, October 2016

Greg Fischer, the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, is trying to prove that compassion can heal political paralysis. The cynics think he’s crazy. But what if he’s right?

Let the Game Come to You

Mindful magazine, February 2016

George Mumford has helped superstar athletes, such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, find their peak. Let go of trying to make things happen, he says, and you can find “the masterpiece within”.

The Game Changer

Mindful magazine, December 2014

How Super Bowl-winning coach, Pete Carroll, is reshaping the NFL by creating new ways to unlock players’ “hidden” powers

Ruby Goodall

Soul Friend, October 2018

The thought of not having my buddy Randall around to cast his knowing eye on the mad world we live in filled me with quiet dread.

Barcelona (Two Perspectives)

National Geographic Traveler, November/December 2007
By Hugh Delehanty and Barbara Graham

I plan our trip around acclaimed art and architecture sites; my wife thrives on serendipity and craves the undiscovered. Will Barcelona make us both happy?

Olga Tupikina

The Safari Within

My Life, Examined blog, July 2011

The point of a walking safari—or “inventure,” as psychologist Richard Leider calls it—is to experience time in a new way: not as a commodity but as a path to deepen human relationships.

Jose Gil

Next Stop, Back Bay

Saturday Evening Post, April 2014

How my misadventures as a young man in one historic Boston neighborhood inspired me to become a writer.

How I Painted My Masterpiece, July 2010

I’d always wanted to become an artist. Finally, I found someone to show me how.

Chris Mueller

Confessions of a Facebook Addict

AARP The Magazine, July/August 2009

They say you can’t have too many friends. Who was I to prove them wrong?

Marriage for Grownups

My Life, Examined blog,, June 2011

The trick my wife and I learned from Rilke about creating a marriage that lasts.