Mel Brooks

AARP Bulletin, January 2022

The legendary comedian and filmmaker reflects on his “magical” childhood in Brooklyn, what he learned about comedy from Alfred Hitchcock, and the secret of lifelong creativity.

Jenn Ackerman

Louise Erdrich

AARP Bulletin, November 2021

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist ponders about how she got hooked on writing, how her work has become more daring as she ages, and what’s haunting her now.


Martin Aylward

Creative Fire newsletter, Spring 2022

The meditation teacher and author of the new book, Awake Where You Are, shares his insights on embodied presence and the creative process.

Elias Williams

Michael Pollan

AARP Bulletin, July-August 2021

The author of This Is Your Mind on Plants talks about organic food, consciousness-changing drugs, and why psychedelics are wasted on the young.

Markus Wissmann

Margaret Atwood

AARP Bulletin, December 8, 2020

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments muses on the joys and perils of late-life creativity.

Andrew Hetherington

Garry Trudeau

AARP Bulletin, November 2020

As his iconic comic strip turns 50, the creator of Doonesbury reflects on success, baby boomers, and the current state of political satire.

Erik Tanner

Twyla Tharp

AARP Bulletin, March 2020

The famous choreographer reveals her secret for turning life into a dance, at any age.

Andrew Hetherington

John Cleese

AARP Bulletin, October 2019

The legendary comedian shares his views on political correctness, the state of comedy today, and how to be creative for life.

Drew Altizer Photography

Anne Lamott

Mindful magazine, August 2017

The author of Hallelujah Anyway and other classics shares her latest fascination with an act we rarely consider but desperately need: mercy.

Jason Bell for Pivotal Ventures/© Jason Bell

Melinda Gates

AARP Bulletin, April 2018
Jason Bell for Pivotal Ventures/© Jason Bell

The philanthropist and global health activist reveals her simple formula for changing the world: empower women.


Eric Idle

AARP Bulletin, October 2018

The Monty Python star discusses the death of irony, the healing power of silliness, and what George Harrison taught him about fame.

Life Balance Institute

Phillip Moffit, January 2018

The former Esquire editor/publisher-turned-meditation-teacher talks about mindfulness, creativity, and the art of reinventing your life from the inside out.

David Yellen/Gluekit

Elizabeth Blackburn

AARP Bulletin, December 2016

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist unpacks the breakthrough she and her team made that could be the key to a long life.

Emily Shur

Sully Sullenberger

AARP Bulletin, July 2014

The “miracle on the Hudson” pilot talks about the drawback of being America’s favorite hero.

Edward Linsmier

Dan Buettner

AARP Bulletin, December 2019

Longevity tips from the man who discovered the Blue Zones, the five places around the world where people live longer and better.